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{February 5, 2010}   Live Life King Size

My Whereabouts this month? Oh please ask………I have been running around. Well you can say running around scared,confused,disappointed and dazed. No, I am not indulging in pessimist adjectives of life.  But that was exactly the state of mind, at least till yesterday. Why till yesterday ? (that is if you bother to ask). Well, there was so much going wrong in my life and all at once, that I thought to give it a break. To give myself some breathing space, I decided to take life head on. I didn’t put down my weapons against my destiny. But surely, I was fighting against it. I am now in ‘solution finding’ mode. If there is no direct answer then I search for an alternate path. I don’t ram my brains out to reach my desired result. Instead, I have made peace with time and learning from everyday disappointments. And icing on the cake, I miss my dear ones dearly. Dad, mom- I miss you a lot…Bro and Bhabhi always encouraged me..I miss my best friends from school,college. And I miss my hubby.

There is an Indian food delight, commonly known as Samosa. Its a triangular shaped cone which has potato semi-solid gravy as stuffing. When I was in Pune, I got to eat samosa that was sweet. Pune version of samosa has either jaggery or sugar in it. I tasted it only once and never had it again. In Hyderbad, when I went to see my first movie here (Dhoom II), we got onion samosa. This was a miniature version of samosa.I can eat maximum one, as it swims in oil.

Wonder where did samosa found writing space in my blog ? Be it samosa or life, it comes in many versions. Big and small, happy and sad, sweet and bitter……………In case of samosa, you had the option to avoid it. In case of life, you just cannot ignore it. Just face it with a broad grin on your face and a brave little heart. You think that’s impossible ? Ask me

and many others more unfortunate than us.

And anytime you want to forget your roadblocks for a few hours, then you can try the below :

Grab a book: Oh how I wish someone can gift me Mills & Boons…….simply romantic life

Cooking:  Now this is a great stress buster. Don’t believe me? Ask experts.

Sketching/Painting/Photography : Fill in all the colors/shades/lights that you feel are missing in your life.

Talking : Don’t call me Chatter Box immediately. Believe me, roadblocks in my life have quietened me a lot. And that was a mistake. And don’t miss out on good friends to chat your heart away. (Of course, you trust them no ? )

Blogging: Phone’s are engaged ? No replies to E-mails ? No problem. Blogging companies comes to your rescue.

Explore Nature : We IT people often loose out the biggest assets of nature. Don’t miss out on those sun rises, the chirping birds, the green,fresh,pure sight of mother nature.

In short, live life king size. 🙂

{January 22, 2010}   Love is in the air

Apke pair bahot sunder hain……….inhe zameen par mat rakho………..maile ho jayenge – Voiced by Raj Kumar to Meena Kumari in Pakeezah.

Walking in the rain…….holding hands………candle-lit dinner………red roses…………moon-lit dreamy nights.

In romance, the real practical world metamorphoses into something very beautifully special. All the dreams seem achievable. All the tales woven by our idiot heart seems truly believable. All the lanes appear to be flowery. All the rainbow colors get painted in our fantasies. Mornings feel special with a dream still fresh in our memory. Heart leaps on all the clouds in a musical humming. Mesmerized minds are lost in cute emotions.

So while, the person in question here is lost in the world of her own the rest of the world remains the same. People use e-mails and Instant Messenger to communicate with each other. Our ‘lost-in-each-other’ couple communicate through eyes. Alarm beeps wakes up all our people to be ready for the daily monotonous chores. ‘Very-much-in-love’ couple wakes up to the call of chirping birds or the humming of their sweetheart.

Each one has different meanings of love. Each one has different  way to express love. Of all the seasons Love season never fades away.All the colors doesn’t appeal as much as the color of love. Red roses will always be a symbol of love. Rain will always bring with it the flavor of love. I can say………….love is in the air……..ALWAYS 🙂

{January 19, 2010}   Eyes

Eyes are the gates to treasured memories

And then sometimes they are dreamy on wet wintry nights

True smile originates in the eyes

Eyes are home to honest confession

Deep penetrating eyes are like daggers piercing your soul

Confused lazy eyes are your companions in the struggle of life

Confident, enthusiastic eyes are your assets to win in life

Eyes feature in the imagination of a poet

Eyes capture a lover’s heart

What a beatiful creation is eyes

But a teary eye is what hurts

When the pain of the heart spills through the eyes

That is a dreadful sight…

This one was due from long time. I happen to read this blog of my friend where she shared her experiences and how Jesus helped her throughout. I am not saying that I am impious. But I am not outward devout person even. I trust, love and feel God in my own way. I have looked up to him for guidance. I have surrendered myself when I felt there was no way out. I have shared happiness with him in my time of exhilaration.

There were grinding times when my trust shook. There were situations when I questioned the existence of my God. I read a story about this small girl and her dad. When they went out for a walk, dad asked the small girl to hold his hand. Instead the girl asked dad to hold her hand. “What’s the difference? ” was dad’s reply. And this was what the girl replied ” Dad, if I hold your hand,there is chance that I may lose the grip and leave your hand. But if you hold my hand, I know that, whatever happens you will never let go off my hand.”

Similar is my relationship with God. I was sometimes like a pampered child who forgets God when in happiness and calls out to him when in need. I have questioned God when my mom went through a series of surgeries when I was still a kid. I searched God when my parents were worried about my brother and me. I have pursued him when I saw my parents teary eyed.

But God played different roles in my life thus influencing me in every walk of life. He was a parent when my parents were hospitalised. He was my teacher when I had to learn things on my own. He was my friend in the wilderness of dark night where sleep was a distant dream. He was my guide when I had to make crucial decisions of my life. He was my counsellor when I become nuts. He was my boss when I wanted someone to lead me through life.

Don’t be misled by my usage of the word ‘Was’. God still continues to play all the roles in my life. God does not abandon anyone. He is right there with you and living your life.

Another small story I recollect which showcases Man’s perception and God’s ways.

Man is walking in the desert along with God. He was happy when he saw footprints next to his since this meant that God is walking beside him. After few minutes, he sees only one set of foot prints. He panics and soon believes that God has abandoned him. When he accuses God of leaving him in mid road, God asks Man, “Do you feel light? “. When the Man answers in affirmative, God tells him ” I have never left you son. The footprints that you see is not of yours but mine. I have been carrying you and walking when I felt you have grown tired of walking.”

There are times when we feel it’s the end of road. When beliefs are shattered. When going on just seems impossible. When the excruciating pain seems too much to bear. When nothing feels right. At these moments, just hang on. Cling on to something that strengthens you.I read a Bible.I cry out in the rain(shower if rain is unavailable ;)).I like the movie Finding Nemo. It carries a very memorable message for all. Just keep swimming…………….just keep swimming. I have incorporated the message as “Just live on………….Rock on.”

quality_accessibilityCompetition, Excellence, Productivity, Performance, Interactive. IT professionals live these heavy words day in and out. I too, am a small part of IT industry.I contribute to this mammoth industry by testing the software that is catered to different domains of different walks of life. I have to steal one quote by Eartha Kitt here that says,
“I am learning all the time.  The tombstone will be my diploma.”
It holds true for me too and one such great learning had been when I tested an application for accessibility.As per Wikipedia, accessibility is a general term used to describe the degree to which a product is accessible to as many people as possible. In my terms, it’s the effort of a product to reach out to all equally. I never thought there might standards defined for any product to be called as being ‘accesible’.So the terms W3C,508 & BITV were hostile to me when I heard them first.
I started out with checklist of Do’s and Don’ts. As mine was a web-based application, I focussed on the web standards for accessibility.Accessibility speaks that a person with visual impairments such as blindness, low or restricted vision, or color blindness or weak vision should be able to work comfortably with an application.Same holds true for users with motor skills(inability to use keyboard or mouse or to make fine movements),hearing impairments.
These standards were easier read and understood than implemented.Not everything could be followed to the T. That was the silent rule every rule writer knows.I started out by testing the application against keyboard accesibility.Mouse is a great invention.But the user shouldn’t be solely dependent on mouse.Hence, it was necessary that all the components and functionalities of an application should be accessible by keyboard.This testing added to my knowledge repository and now I knew little more keyboard shortcuts.
Next my focus was whether the application was compliant to be read from a screen reader. Users with visual impairments depend heavily on screen-readers to read out the content to them.Hence the application should be lenient enough to be compliant with the screen readers as well as assist the user. Why the password is hidden from user when entered. So that if anyone is prying on your monitor cannot know the password. But with the screen reader I used the password could be read out loud.The reader reads each character of what you type. If it is a password, then it reads the characters as ‘Star’. But in this case, if after entering the password I hit the Backspace button it would read the whole password in reverse direction.This was the limitation of the screen reader and the user was made to know about using headphones in case if such case comes up.
New technologies and new findings enhance the user experience. One such feature is drag and drop feature that not only proves decorative but also highly efficient to the users. But this feature required the user to compulsorily use the mouse, thus limiting the number of users.An alternate option should be  provided to ensure the proper usability.
Anything that is simple to use goes down well with users all over the world.To ensure complete coverage, I tried this- I switched off the monitor and let the reader read out the content to me. Believe me, the screen reader was least helpful as I felt lost in woods with darkness all over. It took me time to adjust to the reader assisting me.It propelled me to make more use of keyboard. It opened my mind to think of ways where a user may face problem.It helped me to understand that being complex does not make anything secure and usable.Its the basic and small things that contributes to user satisfaction. I am thankful that I got to do accesibility testing.

childCity of Lakes- That is where I was born and brought up.My Bhopal. 🙂 Treasured memories would never find so many words to express them in writing.These memories are made not from big bulk of happiness but from small chunks of naughty,playful and innocent acts.

Those were the days of Chitrahaar, Rangoli, Malgudi Days, Sea Hawks, Swabhimaan,etc.,etc…

When there was power cut, all the kids,parents,teenagers, youngsters would gather in the locality and go for a walk. It never mattered what was the topic for discussion.It never bothered parents if their kids ate one time meal in their neighbours house.A party in one house meant coming together of the entire locality.Navratri and Ganesh Utsav not only stirred the religious sentiments of the people but also brought together the whole locality as one family. Crackers went off not only on Diwali but also when India won a match.

Home-home,elastic,aeroplane,marbles(kancha),carroms,snakes & ladder,cricket,badminton were the games for which we completed our home works as soon as possible.We were always surrounded by innumerable friends. First school friends,then neighbour friends and on sundays church friends.

Those were the days with limited access to money and resources and unlimited access to bundles of joy.Those were days when not everyone was striving to be perfect and everyone were learning struglers.Those were the days where you had one address to receive mails and not a bunch of email addresses.Those were the days where social groups were made by meeting with people of different interests and tastes and not by joining groups in social networking sites.Those were the days where people used to stay fit only by day-to-day chores of life and not by paying to excercise and playing.

Are we all missing something here. Or are we happy with the way we are heading?

{November 5, 2009}   Rendezvous with ‘Death’

It was in the wee hours of the morning. All of a sudden there was a loud noise followed by people shrieking. Metals collided and mirrors broke. My sleepy eyes woke up to the sound and unseen fear of what is ultimately inevitable- DEATH.

Earlier this day, I started my day with a bizarre feeling. It was a busy day ahead with many things to accomplish. I ignored the eerie feeling inside my head to continue with the day’s proceedings.  This day I was starting my journey for my homesmiletown. Already, I had started getting the feel of Christmas. Since trains were completely full, I had to compromise with bus travel. After a hectic day, I was dropped to the bus stop by my friend. All my apprehensions went unanswered by myself.

The bus journey began. I was still not addressing the small voice inside me that was talking to me. I got a chirpy neighbour. Free time always frees my mind to fly away into the lands of endless dreams and colors. I went down the memory lane to rekindle the fond moments of my school days during the Christmas fervour. My ponderings drifted my mind to slow sleep amidst the bumpy bus ride.

It was like a movie. My mind partially woke me up in the middle of the night amidst loud noise and people crying out in fear. One small fearful cry was mine. I heard a loud noise that immediately woke me up, completely. What I saw made my heart beat faster. There were glasses shattered all over on the road. My bus was moving steadily ahead and so was the crushing noise. At that point of time, I could not make much out of the scene except that the bus had met with an accident. What I saw next shook me deep inside. From my window seat I could see another bus approaching and the proximity of it made me realize the cause of the accident. In a split second, I felt the world coming to a stop. It was this moment that made me realize the value of life. Of living life to the fullest.  Of treasuring each living moment. Of valuing all those people who affect your life. Of being there for those who have been part of you during sunny as well as darker times.

Our Creator has queer ways to teach the value of people and things we take for granted. Here I recall one more incident that stirs up my memory land every now and then. This incident took place sometime during my teenage days. The period when you hardly know what you do and why you do. Anand Bhaiya, he was my brother’s friend. He was same as my own brother to me. I remember asking silly questions to him during childhood. And he patiently answered me each time.  We grew up and I lost touch with Anand Bhaiya since I was more involved in knowing, learning and facing the everyday challenge of growing up. One evening, I saw Anand Bhaiya at my cousin’s place. I could not meet him or even smile at him. You remember me saying about confused teenage days. I didn’t smile because I was lost in some stupid thought of mine. The next day is one of the days I cannot forget my whole lifetime. The news came, of five youngsters getting drowned in the dam. Among them was my Anand Bhaiya. The ever smiling face of his came to my mind. He went away but taught me one of the best lessons of my life.

The person who smiles may not spend much for his/her smile. But it can work wonders for the receiver of the smile. Strange, we smile easily at a child without thinking twice. But we fail to smile at the person we meet every day? When was the last time people complimented you for your smiling face. The incident taught me to smile always. Though I am not as successful as I was when I was a kid. Smile a lot, it has many advantages that I can merely outline. Some of them are below:

It brightens up your face and your day.

The receiver of your smile may come out of black mood and brighten his/her day as well.

It is the most humble and generous act.

It helps you see the brighter side of life.

Who knows, someone may fall in love with your smile. 😉

cartoon-girl-with-laptopPhew! Finally I am now officially blogging. It’s not strange new world for me since I am used to writing. But the feeling is good when you are given a proper,multi-feature window to blog around. Come to think of it, the transition from paper to stand-alone computer to laptop is quiet a long distance covered.And thanks to my client who in his presentation,once, had a WordPress example. I was fascinated with the look and feel of WordPress and hence chose this as my blog tool.

With this I pray,

  • I don’t lose my good hand writing 😉
  • I don’t spend hours in front of my laptop and explore nature and other wishes.
  • Last but not the least I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings intentionally or unintentionally.

With this I know,

  • I won’t waste papers and hence contributing my part in saving trees.
  • I won’t waste this platform by not pouring my heart out on all times. 😉
  • I won’t only expect people to read my blogs and comment, I would also read and place honest comments.


et cetera