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{November 13, 2017}   I NEVER QUIT

The roads never lead to my destination

It only took me to where I was destined to go

The sun never rose for me

It only shined harder when I was tired

The rain never poured on me

It only drenched me when I was homeless

Still, I will take the road less travelled

Still, I will stare back at the sun

Still, I will dance in the rain

Because I never quit and never will.



{November 9, 2017}   BONDED FOR LIFE BY BLOOD

He was saying something repeatedly to her. She stood scared and repeated the words uttered by him. Anyone could have sensed the tension in the air.

When the parents returned both of them stood with their heads staring at the floor. The parents did not ask anything to the elder one. His little sister was uttering the same lines that he had taught her few minutes back. “Brother broke the glass bottle from the fridge”.

She ran away fearing she would spill the truth. She was the one who broke the glass bottle filled with orange Rasna. She was the one who went against parents orders not to drink cold Rasna. She was fighting with her brother. And her brother took all the blame and beatings with a smile.

{November 1, 2017}   I MET A ROSE – FACT OF LIFE

Today I met a rose. It was all shiny, beautiful and fragrant. It also got titled as “King of flowers”. Still, the rose did not seem happy. It did not sway to the winds. Because, despite the thorns it is as vulnerable and gets plucked.


The door opened and I stared at the pathway. Yet again hoping that someone will come to get me. The ticking of the clock was loud as there was hardly any other noise in the hallway. It was post lunch napping time and everyone was sleeping. Soon it will be time for evening tea and exercise and workshop. Like any day. Like every day. Like every single day from the last 8 years.

One sunny day a pretty girl came to visit. She said she was an MSW student. She talked to me for an hour that day and every day for a month. I told her about myself and my family. I listened to her story. We laughed and cried together. And then she disappeared.

I was distraught. They told me she came to research and now her research is over. So she left. Just like that. Again my eyes wandered across the pathway hoping that someone would come to get her.

And then it happened. I was called in the office. The girl was there smiling. I was so happy that I almost hugged her. And then I saw something else. An old man whose face was familiar. Two kids who were taller than me but strangely I felt related to them. There were tears in their eyes. Suddenly, it dawned on me. They had come to see off another inmate to this mental hospital. This hospital was about to get 1 more patient to be imprisoned maybe forever.

But then the kids came running and hugged me. They were chanting ‘Amma’. I then glanced at the familiar man. He was smiling and crying as well. And somewhere between the tears I recognised my husband and kids. They thought I was dead. They searched for me wherever they could. For years. And finally had to give up. Untill this pretty social service student came knocking on their door. Showing my picture.

I packed my bags and was finally ready to leave this place. To the people that loved me the most. I know I am lucky unlike others. Not everyone will have their family coming to bring them home. Not everyone will have that social service girl student in their life.

She cared and hence I could reunite with my family. She listened hence I could pour my heart out. She was compassionate hence I could live my life as normally as any other for the rest of my life.

{October 25, 2017}   MY KIDS GAVE ME REBIRTH

He had seen it all. He had seen happy couple under his shadow. He had seen laughing and chirping kids running for shelter in rain. He had seen people dying and he had seen life happening. He had seen decorations and celebrations and he had seen mourning and revolutions. He stood beside the busy road to watch the vehicles go by. He had stood there to witness protest by people demanding from people. He had seen buildings touching the sky. He had seen them collapse. He had seen water flooding the city. He had seen farmers praying for rain.

Today when they come in numbers with an axe in hand to cut him down, he seemed serene. He had almost given it up. But to see the people whom he had sheltered marching ahead to cut him down was painful. The kids who had played swing on his branches are all grown up and were ready to chop him down. If only he could cry. If only he could shout out.

As they were about to make the first cut on the old large tree they heard loud noises. Kids of all sizes came running. They hugged the tree and held their hands. They shouted slogans to whoever would understand. After a silent and peaceful protest, the saviors of the tree showed a court order. It said not to cut down the tree.  Everyone dispersed. Kids too.

The tree was saved. And so were the kids. And so were the people. And so was humanity. And so was Mother Earth.

{October 24, 2017}   SHE SAID “YES”

Author’s note:

A love story. Maybe not belonging to this era but belonging to an era where the intentions were pure, where trusting was easy and when true love did exist.


She loved floral scent. She loved how flowers felt in her hands and cheek. She made a small patch of garden with different variety of flowers. She watered it, nourished it like a baby. One sunny day, there was a knock on her door.

A boy, maybe 30, asked if he could buy few flowers from her. She refused. She didn’t like the flowers to be plucked. He offered her a proposal of good money. Though her dire house needed few repairs and some money could help, but how could she sell her flowers. She again refused. He went his way.

Next day, same time, she had the same knock on her door. It was him again. He offered to buy her garden patch with the promise that he will take good care of it. She again refused. This time she offered him coffee. Later he went his way.

Next day, same time, she had the same knock on her door. She half – heartedly knew and wished it was the same boy. And it was. He proposed her marriage. She was about to refuse when she heard it again in her mind. Marriage? Did I hear correct? He repeated it. And she wanted to know why ?

One month later she was married to the boy she never saw. She only knew his voice and how his hands felt when he took her hands on that day when he proposed her. He said he had loved her and her tenacity since the day she first shifted to this town. He had been her boss’s son. He fell in love with her despite her blindness. He was scared. He was hesistant. After all he still was living on his father’s money. He feared if he can take care of this beautiful soul. He went to her house again and again. Finding some excuse or the other. To know her. To understand her. And finally when he started his own business of a plant nursery he proposed her. And to his joy, she said ‘Yes’.

I held her trembling hand while she walked the floral aisle.

When she thought she could just die, she heard a wail. Like a mouse trapped. It came in small duration. And then the doctor said “ It’s a girl”.

The ICU doors opened and doctor said her mother is fine after a life and death situation and will recover soon. The weight lifted from over her chest and she could easily breathe now.

The boy you shared your cupcakes with at the traffic signal has now joined school and started studying instead of begging on road.

The old grandpa who seemed grumpy and yelled at kids at park is all smiles and passing on the football because someone cared to talk to him every evening.







{October 20, 2017}   GET LOST

Have you heard this phrase? Well when people utters these words, it usually is offensive. But have you thought about what if you actually get lost. I mean not in physical space but virtually.

Even though we are in a group we stare out of the window and shut out all the conversations, noises and people. Its just us. Have you felt that bliss? Have you felt like never to come out of it ?

Then there are days when you just want to talk. And you go on and on. Irrespective of who hears you. Basically you are just pouring your heart out.

Some find solace in music. And they get lost. In the words, the music and the rhythm.

While others get lost in someone’s eyes. Yeah no joking. It can be your partner’s eyes or spouse’s eyes. Have you noticed how deep and beautiful a small child’s eyes are?

So next time someone rudely says to you “Get Lost” simply say “Thank You” and actually get lost.

{October 18, 2017}   THE LOST GIRL

Since sleep was a faraway dream, she decided to finish up the morning chores earlier than usual. Now she had time to spare. She picked up the newspaper. In the Classified section she found an article that said:

“Young girl of medium height and wheatish complexion. Lost since 6 years. Speaks fluent Hindi, English and Malayalam. Always a smiling  and caring person. Lots of friends. Loves going to movies, chatting, late night car rides, dancing and singing. A lover of books and travelling.

If found contact – your inner soul.

Note to the reader – Please get back yourself from the clutches of time. Please return to being the person when you have enjoyed the most. Please do yourself a favour and start taking care of yourself. Please go treat yourself to a movie or parlour or late night ice cream rides. Please don’t Stop Living. “

Hmm. Weird article. Who would publish such a classified. She thought to herself. And that’s when she woke up.


{October 17, 2017}   SO I LEFT MY HOME

I could not take it anymore. It was too much for me. I had to take this tough decision. When she kept on hurting me, my resolve got weakened. When she laughed at me, my ego got hurt. When she turned her back at me, I knew this would be my last day in her home. I had to go.

She is now a strong woman. She has  opened her wings and started to fly. She has started to think reasonably and beyond all doubts. She is conquering her world with confidence and pride.

Who am I ? I am prejudice. I am fear. I am society defined rule. I am self doubt. I am ignorance. And I am leaving her and her home forever now.

et cetera